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Size 4 Women's Boots

Warm your feet up with a sophisticated and stylish pair of our size 4 ladies boots. Available in an assortment of beautiful colours, our collection of women’s boots in size 4 have every hue you need to complete your winter outfits and step out in style. Whether you want to match a pair of cosy socks with our ankle boots or woolly tights with our knee-high designs, there’s a pair of boots perfect for you in our range. Browse the full collection of women’s boots today and find your latest wardrobe staple for this season.

Ensure your feet are kept warm this season with any of our size 4 ladies boots at Gabor Shoes. Crafted from high-quality materials, every pair of our boots embodies the elegant style of our brand and provides your feet with a comfortable step every time.

Size 4 Ladies Boots

Whether your favourite style is the ankle boot or the knee-high boot, we have every favoured design in our selection and more. Providing contemporary elegance to classic designs, our range of women’s boots is perfect for all occasions; to keep your feet comfortable and your outfit stylish. With an assortment of beautiful neutral colours alongside some bolder, brighter hues, there’s every shade you’ll need in our selection.

Find Your Wardrobe Staple in our Women’s Boots in Size 4

Invest and treat yourself to a new pair of go-to boots that will withstand the weather time and time again. Other pairs won’t get a look in once you’ve gifted your feet with the maximum comfort of our women’s boots range.

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Georgie Womens Ankle Boots

£55.00 £89.99 Save 39%


Brook M Womens Medium Calf Fitting Long Boots



Matlock Womens Ankle Boots

From £59.00 £95.00 Save 38%


Brook S Womens Long Boots



Partner Womens Buckle Ankle Boots

£59.00 £95.00 Save 38%


Gabor Keepsake Ladies Leather Boots

£59.00 £105.00 Save £46.00

Newport Womens Chelsea Boots

From £59.00 £95.00 Save 38%


Utopia Womens Chunky Wedge Heel Ankle Boots

From £95.00


Bastia Womens Wide Fitting Ankle Boots

From £59.00 £95.00 Save 38%


Lourdes Womens Chelsea Boots

From £59.00 £95.00 Save 38%


Ramona Calf-Length Boots



Trudy Womens Ankle Boots



Olivetti Womens Zip Fastening Ankle Boots



Zane Womens Ankle Boots



Shiraz Womens Buckle Detail Biker Boots



Vangola Womens Mid-Length Boots

From £70.00 £125.00 Save £55.00


Gabor Vanwell Womens Ankle Boots

£59.00 £95.00 Save 38%

Maybe S Womens Slim Fitting Long Boot



Heritage Womens Ankle Boots



Babs Womens Ankle Boots



Rachel Leather Wide Fitting Boots



Shields (S) Womens Knee High Boots



Maxie Womens Ruched Leg Boots


View Womens Ankle Boots

£76.00 £120.00 Save £44.00
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