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Ladies Handbags

Whatever the occasion, finish off your outfit with something from our beautiful range of Gabor women's handbags. From clutch to crossbody bags, Gabor’s bag collection has everything you need to keep you on style without losing the added element of practicality.

Ladies handbags that offer style and practicality

Crafted from the highest quality leathers and suede, our bags here at Gabor emanate ultimate luxury. So whether you’re wanting a staple bag to see you through the working week, or you need an added splash of sophistication for an evening, Gabor is the perfect place to start. 

Women’s designer handbags that you won’t be able to resist

One of the best things that Gabor has to offer is its timeless styles, allowing you to carry your bag as seasons come and go. With our gabor bags, we know that you won’t be able to leave the house without them! We know that the best way to finish off any outfit is by accessorising it up with one of our handbags and there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of finally finding the perfect one, right?

Gabor handbags are crafted from the very best materials, soft strong and supple leathers and suede. And it gets better. Many of our beautiful bags are available in multiple colour options, so you can find the right shade to match your outfit, or go ahead and get your favourite bag in every colour – we wouldn’t judge you if you did!

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22 Items

Ina Ladies Messenger handbag

From £37.99

Sarda Ladies Messenger Handbag

From £35.10 £55.00 Save 36%

Dina Ladies Messenger Handbag



Riva Ladies Grab Bag

From £37.80 £59.99 Save 37%

Gela Ladies Grab Bag


Runa Ladies Grab Bag


Lisa Ladies Messenger Handbag

£37.99 £55.00 Save 31%


Tina Ladies Messenger Handbag

From £35.10 £55.00 Save 36%

Mina Ladies Backpack


Anni Ladies Shoulder Bag


Francesca Ladies Grab Bag


Bolivia Ladies Hobo Bag

£40.50 £65.00 Save 38%

Granada Spring Ladies Messenger Bag


Granada Spring Ladies Shoulder Bag


Minari Ladies Messenger Handbag

£35.10 £55.00 Save 36%

Barina Ladies Shoulder Bag


Buena Ladies Hobo Bag

£40.50 £65.00 Save 38%

Kirsty Ladies Messenger Handbag

£23.00 £55.00 Save 58%

Agata Womens Messenger Handbag

£23.00 £55.00 Save 58%

Dorie Ladies Messenger Handbag


Inna Ladies Shoulder Bag


Marian Ladies Hobo Bag

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