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Gabor Shoe Features

Removable Inner Sole
Removable inner soles can be removed for airing and washing and are available from Gabor in two varieties:

• Leather, which is particularly light and comfortable.
• High-tech material with the Ultra Flex Air system.

The Ultra Flex Air System features air ducts providing regulated ventilation and a fresh climate for the foot. Some models feature the Shock Point, an additional cushioning element at the heels for singularly joint friendly walking.

Removable inner soles are particularly beneficial for those using orthopaedic supports, as the existing inner sole can simply be replaced by the support, therefore shoes will not be too narrow when using orthopaedic supports.

Extra Comfort with Width G-H
With the “comfort” range, Gabor offers shoes in widths G (extra wide) and H (comfortable extra width). This means that these shoes have extra volume in the toes, ball and instep areas which provide wider feet with the volume required.

Best Fitting
Products with the Best-Fitting feature include an insole which has been broadened so that the ball area of the foot gains more step surface. The effect of this feature is even more comfort.

Air-Cushioned Sole
With the air-cushioned sole, walking in modern Gabor Shoes becomes even more convenient. A soft bedding of air chamber cushions improve each step and promote healthy movement.

Real Lambskin
Real lambskin is natural and keeps your feet particularly warm. It is soft and provides a healthy environment for your feet.

Sacchetto Construction
Sacchetto construction is based in principle on the highly elastic moccasin construction; however the shoe’s lining is finished with virtually no seams. The few remaining seams are extremely fine and soft. The soft leather lining is stitched to a foam sole and fitted without seams into the leather uppers. Sacchetto construction makes shoes exceptionally flexible and comfortable and removes seams that could irrigate and press against the foot. The sewn-in foam sole runs along the entire length of the feet guarantees a remarkably soft step and high level of comfort.

Hovercraft Soles
The integrated air chambers cushion every step and ensure an exceptionally soft tread. The shock-absorbing effect is kind on the joints and the ergonomic design promotes the foot’s natural rolling movement.

Boot Lengths
Gabor is among the few manufacturers to offer long boots in a range of slim to extra-wide fittings.

Gabor Ranges

Gabor Fashion
All styles in this collection feature leather, cotton or high-tech linings.  They also include leather in-socks which enhances comfort. Uppers are finest leather or easy care high tech materials. The soles in the Gabor Fashion range are resin or TR rubber which improves flexibility and durability.

Gabor Comfort
Products in the Gabor Comfort range are manufactured on specific wider fit lasts, bringing both fashion and fit for customers with a broader foot. All styles in this collections feature leather, cotton or high-tech linings.  They also include leather in-socks which enhances comfort. Many of the Gabor Comfort soles are in softer compound TR and latex rubber for flexibility, comfort and slip resistance.

Gabor Jolly
Gabor Jolly is a range that is a younger and more casual group of shoes. Styles in this range are specifically designed for the fashion conscious consumers. Linings and in-socks are leather, cotton or high-tech materials. Soles are made with polyurethane TR or latex rubber which have excellent wear and function characteristics.

Gabor Sport
The styles in this range are sporty and casual and are designed for everyday wear. All styles in this range feature a leather in-sock and either leather, cotton or high tech linings. Uppers are made from finest leathers or easy care materials. Soles units are polyurethane, TR, latex or microcellular rubber which are lightweight, flexible and durable.