The Best Trainers for Exercise in 2022

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With the festivities of the Christmas season officially behind us, many are now thinking about which resolutions and traditions they’ll be taking forward into the year ahead. One popular theme that continues to come back into focus year after year is fitness. Whether you’ve decided that the new year marks the beginning of a whole new you, or you simply want to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle, there are plenty of benefits that come with doing more exercise.

There are so many different types of fitness activities to try, from quick home workouts to all-day hikes, so whatever exercise you choose to introduce to your routine, it’s important that you’re wearing the right shoes. You’ll want your footwear to be comfortable, supportive and hard-wearing so that you can avoid any pain and discomfort while you’re working out. 

Here at Gabor, we have a great deal of knowledge about the types of footwear that you should be wearing during exercise, which is why we’re bringing you a breakdown of our valuable tips to help you every step of the way. Read on to learn more about how to find the best workout shoes for women in 2022 and make this year your best one yet!


  1. Best Workout Shoes for Women
  2. Women’s Walking Shoes
  3. Running Shoes for Women
  4. Women’s Gym Trainers

Best Workout Shoes for Women

There are various types of shoes suitable for working out, with each type offering different features to make sure that you perform at your very best. Whether you are hoping to take up walking, running or going to the gym, there’s a pair of shoes that will suit you perfectly. 

Women’s Walking Shoes

Walking is an activity that benefits your entire body, but going the distance often depends on the quality and design of your shoes. For shorter walks, we recommend a lightweight, easy to wear option that can be paired with an array of everyday outfits, such as a casual trainer with a thick, durable sole for effective shock absorption. Our Wilma Women’s Casual Trainers are an excellent example of this, as their sleek design and adjustable lace-up detail offer a secure, comfortable footwear option that you can rely on. 

If you’re planning on heading to a nature spot for a longer hike, opt for a sturdy pair of walking boots instead. Suitable for all types of weather, walking boots provide an amazing sense of stability, cushion and shock absorption as you walk, allowing you to be ready for anything that mother nature sends your way. Hiking allows you to improve your fitness while enjoying the great outdoors, making it a fantastic addition to your list of resolutions.

Running Shoes for Women

Any running enthusiast will know that choosing the right footwear is crucial when it comes to this high-intensity activity, as your feet experience a high level of impact every time they hit the pavement. This means that while your running shoes will need to be lightweight so that you can maintain a quick pace, they also require excellent shock absorption and grip to stabilise and protect your feet. 

Our Fantastic Helen Women’s Sports Trainers combine flexibility and durability, making them an ideal running shoe for outdoor exercise. Their rubber soles deliver underfoot stability, and they stay securely fastened thanks to their lace-up detail, minimising the risk of injury. Whether you plan to take a leisurely run around your neighbourhood each day or begin training for a professional race, our sports trainers are guaranteed to help you give your best performance.


Women’s Gym Trainers

Joining a gym opens up so many opportunities for you to try out a variety of fitness options, from weight training and cardio to exercise machines and group classes. If you’re thinking of joining your local gym this year, you’ll need a pair of trainers that are versatile and reliable enough to keep up with every step of your chosen fitness programme so that you can see the very best results.

Our Amulet Women’s Wide Fit Sneakers offer a comfortable, supportive, easy-to-wear gym shoe that can withstand a multitude of movements, depending on your chosen exercise. Whether you’re looking to put a spring or sprint in your step, these versatile trainer styles are made to adapt, so you can wear yours to as many gym sessions as you wish. They are made with flexible leather material and breathable cotton linings to give your feet the ultimate sense of comfort.

Whatever type of exercise you’re thinking of focusing on this year, there’s no reason why you can’t do it in style. We offer an extensive range of athleisure and hi-top trainers in our high-quality collection, with an option to suit every taste, so why not treat yourself to a pair to help you on your fitness journey? Kick off the new year by exploring our website for all of the latest footwear styles.


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