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How to Clean Suede Shoes

A guide on everything that you need to get your suede shoes looking brand new Suede shoes make a stunning addition to anybody’s footwear collection, they’re timeless, classic and above all look great with any outfit. But every time you go to wear them you can’t help but think about the practicalities: if it rains they get damaged, if they get dirty you can’t clean them, and so the list goes on! But what if we had the perfect solution for you to help you clean your suede shoes so... Read More

what colour shoes to wear with a navy dress 02/10/2019

What Colour Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress [Colour Tips & How to Style]

Navy, the colour of class and sophistication. The ideal colour to wear if you’re dressing up for an event or a special occasion, making you feel like a million dollars, or just as perfect for dressing down and creating an everyday-chic look. But if you’re stuck for what shoes to wear with your navy dress, don’t worry! Here at Gabor, we’re committed to helping you feel comfortable and confident in whatever footwear you decide to wear, and we’ve got plenty of ideas on what shoe colours work best with navy.... Read More

how to break in leather shoes 01/10/2019

How to Break in Leather Shoes [in 6 easy steps]

Breaking in a pair of shoes is one of those inevitable processes we all have to go through whenever we invest in a new pair. Leather is one of those amazing materials that brings luxury, style and durability to any pair of shoes, but it can be tricky to soften and limber up while brand new. And, as beautiful and stylish as a box-fresh pair of leather shoes can be, they can also present a few issues with rubbing for a short while until they’re ‘broken in’.  This is a... Read More

what colour shoes to wear with red dress 31/07/2019

What Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress [Colour & Style Tips]

  You’ve found the perfect red dress and you can’t wait to take it for a spin, but now comes the tricky part: what shoes do you wear with it? Red can be a tricky colour to pair shoes with, posing so many questions. What colour should I go for? Do I go lighter? Do I go darker? HELP! No need to fret; we’ve got the answers for you. Here are all the best tips for choosing the best shoes to go with a red dress, which should help you... Read More


What is a Wide Fit Shoe? Your Guide to Understanding Wide Shoe Widths

Think you might need wide fit shoes but not sure where to start? We’re here to help you out. Here at we often get asked questions like ‘what is a wide fit shoe?’ or ‘exactly how wide is a wide fit shoe, anyway?’, so we’ve put together a quick guide to wide fit shoes and how standard UK widths compare to our wide fit range here. What is a Wide Fit Shoe? Wide fit shoes are quite simply shoes that have been designed with more available room for the... Read More

how to wear wedge sandals 13/05/2019

How to Wear Wedge Sandals: A Summer Style Guide

It’s time to wave goodbye to the cold and welcome in the sunshine, and with the sunshine comes that all-important item of summer footwear: wedge sandals. This timeless footwear staple comes back around every summer without fail, and for good reason. When flats aren’t enough and when standard heels are just a little too much, wedges come straight to the rescue every time. Here we will show you how to wear wedge sandals for all occasions and with all outfit types, helping you create the perfect looks with confidence this... Read More

how to wear ballet flats 18/02/2019

How to Wear Ballet Flats: Tips & Styling

Once the weather starts to warm up and the winter layers gradually start to drop off it’s a clear sign that spring is around the corner. With spring comes lighter footwear and the return of everybody’s favourite flat shoe: the ballet pump. Delicate, sophisticated and elegant, ballet pumps are the perfect investment for the milder months. But it’s common for those who haven’t yet discovered the joy of these highly versatile flats for there to be a degree of uncertainty on how best to style them. In this post we’ll... Read More

wide fit shoes 04/10/2018

How Do I Know if I Need Wide Fit Shoes? The Gabor Guide

Do you need wide fit shoes? It is incredibly important that you wear the right size and width of shoe if you want to keep your feet in good shape and pain-free, but it’s not always clear which type of shoe is best for you. If you’re in doubt, check out our guide on how to know if you need wide fit shoes here at Gabor. We know a thing or two about the benefits of comfortable, true-fitting shoes. Here we will help you recognise the classic signs that your... Read More

mecklenburg vorpommern bank holiday break 16/08/2018

5 New August Bank Holiday Breaks to Try in 2018

Somehow we’ve reached the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas (how did this happen?), so the Gabor team has been busy. We’ve been seeking out the best August bank holiday breaks to help inspire you, so you can make the most of this last lovely long weekend in 2018. We’ve looked at everything from staycations to vacations for both families and couples, with a few surprise destinations in store. So take a look through our top 5 August bank holiday breaks and see if any of our quick... Read More


The 5 Best BBQ Recipes for Riding The Summer Heatwave

How about this weather? BBQ season is back and this time it’s lasted more than three days in a row, so it’s time to brush up on your BBQ recipes to make the most of the sunshine and ride this incredible heatwave. We may be the experts in fashionable footwear design, but the Gabor team also loves to dabble in the culinary arts every once in a while. So we took it upon ourselves to test out some of the best BBQ recipes around, all so we could share the... Read More