What is a Wide Fit Shoe? Your Guide to Understanding Wide Shoe Widths

how wide is a wide fit shoe?

Think you might need wide fit shoes but not sure where to start? We’re here to help you out. Here at Gaborshoes.co.uk we often get asked questions like ‘what is a wide fit shoe?’ or ‘exactly how wide is a wide fit shoe, anyway?’, so we’ve put together a quick guide to wide fit shoes and how standard UK widths compare to our wide fit range here.

What is a Wide Fit Shoe?

Wide fit shoes are quite simply shoes that have been designed with more available room for the foot. Most often a wide fit shoe will have wider and deeper sections for the toes, as well as more room up around the instep, giving feet of all shapes and sizes the room they need to remain comfortable. Wider and deeper toe sections allow the toes to spread naturally with each step, helping to avoid that uncomfortable pinching and squeezing experienced while wearing narrow or standard-fit shoes with wider feet.

Wide fit shoes are often indicated as a letter or series of letters, with the most common being C, D, E, EE and EEE. These do vary from brand to brand, however, so your width fitting may not always be the same across all manufacturers. Gabor, for example, uses the German width fitting F, G and H, which we have converted to the UK equivalent on Gaborshoes.co.uk, detailed in our size guide below and throughout our site.

How Wide is a Wide Fit Shoe in the UK?

Wide fit shoes vary in width depending on the shoe size, so it isn’t possible to put an exact standard figure on how wide a certain wide fit shoe might be. So for example, a Gabor H (extra wide) shoe will be wider on a size 7 shoe than on a size 5 shoe.

To give you a rough idea, however, the average width of a UK size 6 female shoe is around 9cm. This is a standard shoe width fitting. Wide fit shoes will usually measure in the region of 10cm in width, while extra wide fit shoes will usually measure around 11cm across or more. You can measure your foot width with a tape measure or ruler – simply measure across the widest part of your foot (usually just below the toes) and opt for a shoe width that is slightly wider than your measurement.

What About Gabor Wide Fit Shoes?

We mentioned that Gabor uses slightly different wide fit width codes than other UK manufacturers, so here is a simple table to help you understand Gabor wide fit shoes so you can find the right width to suit your feet.

UK Width Gabor Width Fitting Description
C+ F Standard Fit
D G Wide Fit
D+ or EE H Extra Wide Fit


Now you know all you need to know about wide fittings, take a look at our latest range of beautiful wide fit shoes here at Gabor and find a luxury style with no comfort compromise.