The Mother of All Weddings: Finding Your Mother of the Bride Shoes & Handbag


Congratulations MoB’s! You’ve found the elusive perfect mother of the bride dress; breathe a sigh of relief. Now you get to do the fun part, accessorising.

Finding your mother of the bride shoes and handbags is a balancing act of colours, textures, fashion, comfort and practicality, but it’s also an opportunity to get a little creative with mixing and matching some beautiful accessories for the very special day ahead.

With our fair share of blushing brides and proud mothers, the Gabor style team speaks with experience on this very important matter. So if you’re not too where to start in finding your mother of the bride shoes, bags and other accessories, here are a few pointers to help you along the way:

Colour is Key

Before you hit the shops you need to have the wedding colour scheme in mind. As you’ve already nailed the dress you’ll obviously already know what your daughter has in mind for the wedding theme and her bridesmaids dresses in terms of colour and style, so that’s the hard part dealt with. But the main colour scheme, textures and styles of the overall theme will still have an effect on the colours of your accessories, particularly shoes and bags.

Even if your dress colour complements and blends with the bridesmaids dresses, your bags and shoes can still clash if you pick the wrong colours, so bear this in mind when you’re browsing possibilities. A great way to keep yourself on track is to research all the colours that complement the colour of yours and the bridesmaids dresses and create a reference colour palette to work from.

Avoid Noisy Patterns

Regardless of colour, we would always advise you stay away from loud, dominating patterns and designs when choosing your mother of the bride shoes and matching handbags. Unless the wedding has a pattern-heavy theme, stick to something low-key and elegant on both counts, otherwise you could create some distracting elements in the wedding photographs.

The country recently met the perfect MoB role model in the form of Doria Ragland, who sat proud and beautiful at the wedding of her daughter, Meghan Markle, to our very own Prince Harry. She absolutely nailed the subtle accessories game, opting for an understated yet fashion-forward grey and white patterned box clutch bag to accompany her Oscar de la Renta lime green dress and overcoat. And her stunning nude heeled Aquazurra shoes were just as subtle, with an elegant closed toe and pretty tassel detailing at the back. Doria, we salute you.

(Pictures: REX/Shutterstock)

Comfort is Also Key

Once you’ve got your colours and patterns in hand, you can start looking at styles and designs. When it comes to mother of the bride shoes you need to think as much about comfort as you do about fashion and style. Between standing for photographs, mingling with guests before the wedding breakfast and dancing the night away at the evening reception, you’ll be on your feet for a large portion of the day, so you’ll need shoes that you’re not going to want to kick off after just an hour.

Mother of the bride wide fit shoes are an excellent way to go, especially if you find that your feet usually feel squashed when wearing formal shoes. Lower heels are also a top recommendation – a pair of mid or low heel (2.5 – 7.5 cm) will still give you the height and leg-lengthening effects you want from a pair of heels without the toe-crushing pain of big heels. However, if you’re a lover of heels and you’re used to wearing the highest of the high, then go right ahead; it’s all about what you feel most comfortable in.                       

Bring an extra pair

Staying on shoes for the moment, another great tip is to bring an extra pair of shoes if you can. This is especially easy if the wedding reception is being held in a hotel where you also happen to be staying the night, but there’s also nothing wrong with popping a pair of flats into a bag and sticking them in the cloakroom until later on if you need them. Sometimes, no matter how comfortable those mother of the bride shoes are, you can’t beat a pair of pretty ballet flats or glittery sandals to slip into for extra comfort while dancing.

Keep Bags Small

(Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

The last thing you want at a wedding is a giant bag getting in the way of all that greeting, embracing and dancing. Our advice is to stick to smaller bags that have just enough room to hold all your essentials – lipstick, foldable hair brush, touch-up make-up and money. Doria’s mother of the bride handbag is, once again, the perfect example. That lovely little box clutch is the ideal size and shape – small enough to hold, tuck under your arm or place on your lap, and big enough to hold all the important stuff for the day and evening combined. We would also advise you aim for those fabulous designs with the hidden or optional chains or straps, so you can transition from clutch to hands-free whenever you need to.

If you’re searching for the perfect mother of the bride shoes and handbags then you’ve come to the right place. Our wide fit designs, cushion-comfort soles and luxury handbags are all designed to be both stylish and practical, so you can enjoy your daughter’s big day no matter what the theme.