How To Wear Knee High Boots

A pair of knee high boots can range from being your outfit’s statement piece, your wardrobe’s staple, or the perfect way to dress up any outfit; the possibilities of looking and feeling good whilst wearing a pair of knee high boots are endless. But, if you’re new to owning a pair they can be a bit daunting. If you’re left wondering when to wear your knee high boots, how to wear them, and what to wear them with then fear no longer because we have all the answers…

Occasions To Wear Knee High Boots

Firstly, you’re wanting to figure out when it’s acceptable to wear a pair of knee high boots? 

Honestly, our answer is any time! In this guide we’re going to make sure you know how best to match your boots with any outfit meaning that you can turn every occasion, event or moment into the perfect knee high boot time and, not only that, you can feel good doing it. Ultimately, when you feel good you look good and vice versa, by the time we’re finished you’ll be ready to complete any outfit with your knee highs and show them off to the world.

What To Pair Your Knee High Boots With

What Knee High Boots To Wear With A Skirt

Dressy knee high boots are perfect for pairing with a skirt, ideal in leather or suede, this style has a longer heel to elongate your legs and enhance your look. Our Drama Ladies Long Boot would be the perfect example to pair knee highs with a skirt; comfortable, sophisticated and stylish this boot has everything you’d want to add a flair of drama to your outfit and get ready for any occasion. Ideal for the mini skirt, denim or midi, these knee high boots will complete your look. The block heeled knee high boot is the obvious replacement for the typical pair of heels; providing you with the same height and sophistication but without the aching pain.

How To Wear Knee High Boots With Jeans

The riding boot style knee high is the perfect go-to when wearing jeans. Tuck a pair of ocean blue jeans into these boots, or even out and create that classic, essential casual look. Styled like the historical English riding boot, this style has been given a modern revamp, crafted to add a classic bit of luxury to your t-shirt and jeans everyday look. Usually formed from high quality leather, this style boot is often paired with equestrian-esque buckles and a low heel to provide a practical, durable style. If this is what you’re looking for check out our Lovell XL Long Boots, perfect for everyday with their timeless silhouette – easy to pop your feet in and get going. 

If you’re looking for that smart casual look, pair these boots with black jeans; providing you with the perfect day-to-night outfit, minimising your getting ready time and having you look amazing.

How To Wear Knee High Boots With Leggings

The perfect go-to knee high style for leggings is the simple, classic, smooth leather boot; like our Texas Ladies Long Boot available in whiskey brown or black. Perfect for those casual days, this style has a 2.5cm heel that provides you with practical comfort, ideal for any day time outing. Pair these up with a cosy cardigan or a warm coat and this boot will smarten up your leggings whilst still keeping you comfortable. 

How To Wear Knee High Boots With A Dress

The knee high boot can help make those floaty, summer dresses you love so much all year round staples. Layering the midi dress with a pair of knee high boots will bring it to life even in those colder months and make you look chic every season. Ideal for a sophisticated work outfit or for a  boldparty look, the knee high boot will accentuate any dress for the look you’re aiming to achieve. Pair our Rachel Leather Calf Boots or even a pair of our Libby Knee High boots with any dress and let the small heel give you that height that allows you to show off any style of dress, mini or midi. 

How Should Knee High Boots Fit?

With knee high boots you’re aiming for quite a snug but still comfortable fit, otherwise you’re going to spend more time pulling your boots up than enjoying yourself! Ways to make sure to get a good fit with your knee highs is:

  1. Try to opt for knee highs that are zip up or lace up, this will help give you control over tightening the pair and help even out the foot/leg size ratio issue that buying boots can have.
  2. Wear the right socks/tights with them, tights can help grip the boots to your skin better and stop them from falling down.
  3. Your knee high boots should never be baggy – getting the right fit so that this isn’t a problem is essential.
  4. Wear them in! Wear them around the house and check they fit properly before you take the leap to wearing them out and about, this will ensure maximum, long term comfort. 
  5. If you’ve got larger thighs choose knee high boots that offer a wide calf option, this will make sure you’re provided with the ultimate comfort. 

Are Over The Knee Boots In Style?

Along with ballet pumps, ankle boots and trainers, knee high boots are a staple fashion that never really go out of style. Popular from the hippy seventies, all the way to the pop nineties, they’ve travelled time with fashion, come back with a bang and are here to stay. Don’t get left behind and make sure to find your perfect knee high boot match today.

The knee high boot is all-in-all a comfortable choice for wherever you’re heading, with the added surface area these boots can evenly spread your weight and help you step into anything. With options of different heel types, crafted from a range of luxurious materials and available in the perfect range of neutral colours, the knee high boot can be appropriate for every occasion and have you feeling fabulous instantly.