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How to Wear Wedge Sandals: A Summer Style Guide

how to wear wedge sandals

It’s time to wave goodbye to the cold and welcome in the sunshine, and with the sunshine comes that all-important item of summer footwear: wedge sandals. This timeless footwear staple comes back around every summer without fail, and for good reason. When flats aren’t enough and when standard heels are just a little too much, wedges come straight to the rescue every time.

Here we will show you how to wear wedge sandals for all occasions and with all outfit types, helping you create the perfect looks with confidence this summer.

Why Wear Wedge Sandals?

Before we delve into the ‘how’, let’s have a quick look at the ‘why’. Wedge sandals have risen to elite status in the footwear ranks for many reasons, but the main winner is comfort and wearability. Wedge heels provide extra support around the middle of the foot, which is something that regular heels lack.

Originally developed as an orthopaedic aid to correct heel problems, wedge heels are designed with a joined heel and sole to support the entire foot while adding the elegance and height that standard heels provide. This extra support and joined-up heel design give a great deal of extra stability and a longer period of comfort for some, meaning those who struggle to walk in regular heels find it much easier to walk in wedges.

And let’s not forget the sheer versatility of wedge sandals. Casual yet dressy, the wedge sandal can both dress-up and dress-down an outfit depending on how you style it. So let’s take a look at the many ways to wear wedge sandals and start creating some summertime style magic.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals: With Jeans

One of the easiest and most common pairings for wedge sandals is a classic pair of denim skinny jeans. Styling up? Opt for a pair of high-heeled wedges with a sparkly top for a smart-casual summer evening occasion. Dressing down? Aim for a lower wedge of 3 inches or less and pair them with skinny jeans and a T-shirt for a super casual summer look. Neutral-coloured wedges like browns and golds work best with jeans, which then gives you the freedom to jazz the outfit up with brightly-coloured tops and accent accessories.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals: With Shorts

Summer staples meet summer staples with a wedges and shorts pairing. If you’re not sure how to wear wedge sandals with shorts, here are our top tips. When pairing wedges with shorts, you want to keep your wedges as casual as possible. Aim for mid to low heel heights and not too much embellishment for the wedges themselves, and opt for classic blue denim shorts or high-waisted chino shorts to create the basis of the outfit. Then pair with a leather belt and a casual T-shirt or halter-neck top to create the ultimate laidback summer daytime outfit.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals: With Dresses & Skirts


A pair of wedge sandals can be used to style-up or dress-down a skirt or dress combo. The higher the heel the dressier your outfit will look, but the classic cork or weave elements in most wedges will keep the look classy and slightly muted all the while. For dresses (and maxi dresses in particular) opt for the higher wedges for a more dressed-up look. Or, if you’re going for a casual day dress or skirt, aim for the lower heel heights to match the more relaxed feel of the outfit.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals: At the Office

Wedges at the office? It can be done. Of course, it does depend on the dress code of your workplace, but for those who are permitted to dress ‘business casual’, a pair of wedges can be a lifesaving footwear option for summertime workwear. Aim for lower heel heights of 3 inches or less where possible, and opt for neutral colours with minimal embellishments to keep things at the smarter end of the smart-casual spectrum. You can team up your wedges with anything from a pair of smart chinos, wide-leg trousers or knee-length work skirt for a stylish office outfit that won’t break the dress code.

Which Style Should I Choose?

Knowing how to wear wedge sandals is one thing, but knowing which style suits you is just as important. As we’ve already covered, wedges come in a variety of styles, widths and heel heights, and each is suited to different needs.

If you struggle to walk in regular high heels, it’s best to steer clear of the very high wedges with narrow soles, as you may find you still struggle to balance even with the extra support. If you have particularly narrow feet, your best bet in terms of style is a pair of peep toe wedge sandals as these tend to give a more snug fit. Styles with adjustable straps are also a good move for narrow feet as you can tighten them to keep your feet securely in place as you walk.

If you have wide feet, opt for a pair of wide fit wedge sandals to prevent your feet from feeling squashed and pinched. Or, if you can’t find the wide fit style you want, opt for a pair of strappy wedge sandals rather than peep toe, as these give your toes a little more wiggle room.

Not sure which style best suits your feet? The only thing for it is to try on as many pairs as you can to see which ones work for you. An excuse for some shopping? Hooray! Our latest collection of wedge sandals makes the perfect place to start.