How Do I Know if I Need Wide Fit Shoes? The Gabor Guide

Do you need wide fit shoes? It is incredibly important that you wear the right size and width of shoe if you want to keep your feet in good shape and pain-free, but it’s not always clear which type of shoe is best for you. If you’re in doubt, check out our guide on how to know if you need wide fit shoes here at Gabor.

We know a thing or two about the benefits of comfortable, true-fitting shoes. Here we will help you recognise the classic signs that your shoes are too narrow for your feet, plus we have included a selection of different shoe widths from our own collection to help you choose your perfect shoe.

Signs You Might Need Wider Shoes

Even if you’ve spent your entire life so far wearing regular-fit shoes, these may no longer be suitable for your feet. As we get older our feet can change shape and spread out slightly, making them wider than they used to be. Here are three classic (and rather unpleasant) signs that your feet may have become too wide for your shoes:

Recurring Blisters

Blisters are most commonly caused when the fabric of your shoe rubs repeatedly against a concentrated area of skin, and usually removes the top layer of skin which can be highly painful. While this is common with some types of new shoe, if you’re getting blisters with older shoes this is a good indication they are too narrow for your feet.


Bunions are prominent, bony bumps that form where your big toe joins your foot. They are sensitive to pressure and are usually caused when your shoes are pointed, too narrow or too tight. If your shoes are not pointed and they are the correct standard size, you will know that it is the width causing the issue.


Corns are patches of skin that have become thick and hardened, and usually appear on the sides or tops of your feet. They are caused when the skin between your shoe fabric and prominent bones in your feet is repeatedly squeezed. Once again, shoes that are too narrow are often the culprits here, as this put extra pressure on these areas.

If your feet are exhibiting these classic signs of needing wide fit shoes, it’s definitely time to explore the options.

Gabor’s Favourite Wide Fit Boots For Autumn

As the autumn season is now here, we’ve done a much-needed round-up of some of our favourite wide fit boots from the latest Gabor collection. Ideal if you’re looking for a little new-season inspiration.

For the Office – Jensen


The Gabor Jensen wide fit boots are the perfect new-season footwear choice for the office. The stylish smooth leather adds a soft yet impressive ‘I mean business’ aesthetic, while the ruching effect adds a little extra texture and will set your Jensen boots well apart from all the other styles in the office. Pair up with trousers or dark tights and a skirt for a super sophisticated workplace look. These wide fit boots are made to fit D + width feet.

For the Evening – Paris

An evening in the Gabor Paris wide fit boots is guaranteed to be filled with style and sophistication as well as unrivalled comfort. These roomy knee high boots have a modest block heel to add elegance and height without putting too much pressure on the feet, while the sleek black nubuck leather gives these wide fit boots an extra smart aesthetic. Pair with your favourite short to mid length dress for a fun-yet-glamorous look. These boots are perfectly suited to ladies with D-width feet.

For the Weekend – Partner

And now for something a little more casual; the Gabor Partner wide fit ankle boots are the perfect fashion antidote to those hectic working weeks. Available in three muted-but-beautiful autumn-ready colours and decorated with a subtle golden buckle, these sleek low-heel ankle boots are perfect for the new autumn/winter season. Team them up with casual jeans and a cosy jumper and take them on a stroll down the high street to enjoy the incredible wide-fit comfort with your Partner in style.

Need extra wide fit boots or shoes? We’ve got you covered here at Gabor. Our full ladies shoes and boots collection includes designs to suit all foot widths from standard to wide and extra wide, so you can always find your perfect fit and keep your feet healthy and comfortable all day, every day.