Is It Too Early For Sandals? Take Our 4-Question Test

How soon after winter finishes is it acceptable to start wearing sandals? This is a question that divides most women (and men, for that matter), and it’s not an easy one to settle once and for all.

The problem is the UK weather, which makes it very difficult to set a definitive ‘time of year’ to break out the sandals. Take this year as a prime example, where March was the snowiest month the country has seen for a long time. March is supposed to be the start of Spring, and yet we’ve had very anti-sandal, sub-zero temperatures to contend with.

So instead of trying to pin down a definitive sandal revival time, we’ve devised a quick 4-question test to help you decide on your own, day-to-day, whether you can brave the sandals or not. So here goes:

1. Have you got goosebumps?

Strange first question, we know, but stay with us. The goosebump test is one of the best indicators of sandal-worthy weather; if you can go outside with bare arms or bare legs and you feel warm enough, then it’s a sandal day. If, however, you look down and you’re covered in goosebumps it’s a sure sign you should leave the sandals at home a little longer.

2. Is there rain or snow on the horizon?

Early spring is a tricksy time of year, luring us in with sunny spells before dousing us in sheets of icy rain. Check and double check the forecast; if there’s a rainy (or snowy) day ahead, it’s still not sandal season. Trust us, getting caught in a spring rain shower in sandals leads to nothing but freezing toes and very uncomfortable onlookers; stick to the boots for now.

3. Are you going to be inside?

There is an exception to the above rules, and that is an occasion where you’ll be spending the duration of your event indoors. If you’re going to a wedding, a nice meal, a formal event or a house party, you can ignore the weather reports and break out the sandals. Most of these events are crying out for sandals anyway, and it’s not like you’re going to be outside in the elements for long.

4. Have you considered tights or socks?

If you’re absolutely determined that you’re going to wear your sandals come rain or shine – and we admire the tenacity – then your best option is a pair of tights or socks. Yes, we said socks – that rule is out. Pairing up your sandals with a cute pair of socks or a sleek pair of tights will keep your feet and legs warm and protected from the unpredictable spring weather and make a fashion statement all of its own, so you can create the style you want without the compromise.


With these four questions asked and answered, you’ll have your final verdict on whether your sandals will be making an appearance today or not. One thing we would say, however, is that it is definitely too early for flip flops. Save those for the scorching hot days or you may attract more than a few bemused looks from passers by.

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