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What is the Most Used ABBA Lyric?

ABBA fans, here we go again! The long awaited sequel to Mamma Mia! is here and we’re all super excited. Promising lots more of our favourite songs, dance routines and Colin Firth’s winning smile, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is guaranteed to be a summertime hit. No matter your generation or where you grew up, you know ABBA. The lyrics alone are iconic, their songs are played at practically every wedding and boy are they catchy. But which lyrics are the most prevalent? We analysed every single ABBA song... Read More


The Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Festival Footwear

Festival season is in full swing and how about this weather?! If you’ve got tickets to your favourite festival this year you’ll no doubt be thinking about what to take with you in terms of clothes and festival shoes. Those of you who have been to festivals before will have the benefit of those past experiences and fashion lessons learned. But, for those of you who are eagerly anticipating your first foray into festival culture, we’ve got some top dos and don’ts of festival shoes to keep you from making... Read More


The Mother of All Weddings: Finding Your Mother of the Bride Shoes & Handbag

  Congratulations MoB’s! You’ve found the elusive perfect mother of the bride dress; breathe a sigh of relief. Now you get to do the fun part, accessorising. Finding your mother of the bride shoes and handbags is a balancing act of colours, textures, fashion, comfort and practicality, but it’s also an opportunity to get a little creative with mixing and matching some beautiful accessories for the very special day ahead. With our fair share of blushing brides and proud mothers, the Gabor style team speaks with experience on this very... Read More

sandals 06/04/2018

Is It Too Early For Sandals? Take Our 4-Question Test

How soon after winter finishes is it acceptable to start wearing sandals? This is a question that divides most women (and men, for that matter), and it’s not an easy one to settle once and for all. The problem is the UK weather, which makes it very difficult to set a definitive ‘time of year’ to break out the sandals. Take this year as a prime example, where March was the snowiest month the country has seen for a long time. March is supposed to be the start of Spring,... Read More


Pearl Power: How to Wear Pearls For Spring

Girls and pearls. Together they have patrolled spring runways for many a year and, now that spring is once again on the horizon, it’s high time we re-introduced them to our wardrobes. We’re here to share some pearls of wisdom on how to wear these understated stones this season, and it goes far beyond just jewellery. This season we’re spotting pearls everywhere, from statement earrings and necklaces to clothing shoulder straps, jumpers and, of course, on shoes. Not sure how to wear pearls? Here are a few tips to help... Read More


Finding Your Winter Work Feet: The 2018 Style Refresh

The tree came down ages ago, the weather seems to be getting colder and we’ve all settled back into the office routine. Being back at work in the depths of winter can be a drag, but there’s a way to remedy this. A winter work shoes and style refresh is the perfect way to revive your wardrobe and your enthusiasm for these last few weeks before the spring returns, and for the many months to come. To help you find your winter work feet, we’ve put together our new 2018... Read More


Hurts like Heel: How much does wearing high heels actually hurt?

Ladies, we all know heels aren’t the most practical of footwear. But that doesn’t make the struggle any less real, does it? Wearing high heels hurts, and men simply don’t understand just how much. But where on the pain scale does high heel pain fall, and how does it compare to other common, uncomfortable afflictions? We made it our business to find out. The women of the UK have spoken, and the official pain rating for wearing high heels is in. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1... Read More


Another Year, Another Party: The Gabor Party Shoes Edit

THE party of the year is approaching, and it’s all about the shoes. Already worked through all your party shoes over Christmas? Rejoice! That means you’ve got the perfect excuse to get a brand new pair especially for the New Year. And if you’re short of ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration right here in our New Year party shoes edit. Try these on for size: Guide Court Shoes Ticking the sparkle box in top class fashion are these stunning Guide court shoes, perfect for partying. With those gorgeous beaded... Read More


The Gift of the Gabor: Our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

Still got Christmas shopping to do? Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gifts for the special ladies in your life. Gifts that are tailored to the personality of the recipient are always the most treasured, so we’ve put together our very own gift guide based on the ladies we all know and love, helping you make the most of these last few days of the Christmas shopping season. Here goes: For the Lady Who Doesn’t Like Heels –  The Electra Ballet Pumps If she wants... Read More


Christmas Party Shoes: Find Your Festive Feet

Is your shoe collection ready for party season? This time of year brings with it lots of glamourous parties, dancing and the perfect excuses to buy new outfits. Thanks, Christmas. So with your work’s Christmas party or the first of many family gatherings on the horizon, now is the perfect time to find a new pair of Christmas party shoes to see you through the festivities in style. It just so happens that we’re doing the same thing, so we’ve put together our top suggestions for the perfect party shoes to... Read More