What Is On Sale? Here Are Our Picks For The Week!

Our sale officially launched this week and we’re just as excited as you are! What better time to treat yourself to a new pair of sunshine-ready footwear?

Join us as we look at our sale watchlist below:

Our adorable Millie sandals are best suited for wide feet, as they offer comfort without sacrificing style, through a cushioned footbed and a relaxed heel. This will add a feminine boost to height, ready for your next event!  The softly coloured crossover leather straps compliment the peanut heel and rip tape straps, keeping feet cool and secure all day long.

Our Millie sandal is designed with our Best Fitting technology, specially made for those who need a little extra room and creates and personal fit every time. Pair our stylish sandals with a trust pair of trousers for a casual summer look.


Our premium leather uppers are intricately woven and sit atop a sporty sole, characterising our Sunshine sandals. The subtle riptape fastening is disguised as a stylish buckle, allowing you to slip them on easily and step smoothly to sunny days.

In the spirit of ease, our Sunshine sandals also use our best fitting technology to create a modern take on a timeless classic and is sure to complement any look you choose to wear them with, without the need to worry about discomfort.

Pair with a floaty dress for a modern and comfortable look.

We understand how difficult it can be to find an elegant shoe that meets all your requirements. But what if we told you our Tanfield court shoes checked all the boxes? Hear us out!

Our trusted court shoes are beautifully crafted with super-soft suede uppers and a sturdy 5.5cm block heel to provide all-day support and comfort. The leather lining is specially designed to keep feet cool regardless of activity. They are ideal for long afternoons waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle or an even longer night of celebrating!

However, it is not limited to weddings. Tanfield’s versatile design looks great with lightly coloured trousers or dresses, so we have added them to our sale watchlist!

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