Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee With 5 Special Moments

1.     The Commonwealth
Her Majesty’s Ascension to the Throne paved the way for her to become head of the Commonwealth in 1952. The British Commonwealth of Nations was founded to maintain ties between countries that were once British colonies. During her reign, the community expanded from eight to 54 members, representing two billion people!
2.     Visit to West-Germany
This wasn’t just any ordinary diplomatic visit. It was historic because it was the first official visit to West Germany by a British royal since 1913. The Queen’s visit commemorated the 20th anniversary of World War II by demonstrating reconciliation between two countries and welcoming Germany’s re-emergence as a power in Europe on a world stage.
3.    Reconciliation with Ireland
Similar to the visit to Germany, it was the first time a British monarch had visited areas of Ireland in 100 years, when the entire island was still part of the United Kingdom. Understandably, the relationship between Ireland and the Royal Family was complicated, as most saw it as evidence of British imperialism. The Queen’s visit, on the other hand, revealed its true purpose as a symbol of healing old wounds.
Her Majesty was praised for her speech at Dublin Castle, where she impressed many by briefly speaking in Irish. (Banned under British rule for a long time!)

4.     Marriage Life
Other members of the Royal Family were initially concerned about Queen Elizabeth II and Phillip’s relationship because they were doubtful if Phillip was the perfect match. The young couple announced their engagement in July 1947 and married four months later, proving sceptics wrong. With 2,000 guests in attendance and, believe it or not, a 9-foot-tall wedding cake, it was a massive celebration. (Do you believe they finished it?) Elizabeth and Phillip were a symbol of Love and had an unshakable bond lasting 73 years.
The Duke of Edinburgh was the country’s longest-serving consort. Serving on the Queen’s Side for the past 65 years. They have children and grandchildren and shared a lifetime of memories.
5.     Platinum Jubilee
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has served as monarch of the United Kingdom for 70 years this year. As society and technology progressed over time, The Queen remained a popular symbol of British pride, democracy, and national unity. She is the longest-serving monarch in British history and the country’s highest representative on the international stage.
GaborShoes wishes Her Majesty a joyous Platinum Jubilee and thanks her for all her dedication and hard work for the nation over the years.
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