5 Easy Ways You Can Go Green

Earth Day has become a globally recognised movement since it was first launched in 1970. It marks a special event where people team up to demonstrate their support towards the importance of protecting the environment. This year, the theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”  We have included five ways you can get involved!

1. Recycling – Why is it important?

Nowadays, recycling practices have become part of the norm. It is not just about remembering to throw your empty plastic milk bottle in the correctly coloured bin (normally blue for plastics) but also knowing the implications, not recycling can have on the environment.

Recycling reduces the need to harvest new raw materials from the earth. This means fewer forests are cut down, fewer animals are hurt, and less pollution in our soil and oceans.

Keep track of what you are throwing away or need to cut down on by using the three R’s: (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce).

2. The Power of Long-Lasting Lightbulbs

Energy saving lightbulbs have proven to last much longer, and work twice as efficiently as their traditional counterparts. They even omit the same amount of light. Not only do they help reduce waste pollution, but they also help reduce utility bills and make your home greener. We call that a “win-win situation.”

How does it reduce waste pollution? As mentioned, when comparing to an incandescent lightbulb, an energy saver can last up to twenty times longer. That impacts the need for fewer resources during manufacturing, transport, and removal.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

Most stores and supermarkets are opting for greener solutions. Reusable shopping bags were introduced to fight back against the damage caused by plastic bags. It can also be seen as a healthy investment; they are durable, sturdy, and you would not need to keep buying fresh bags every week, adding to your bill. Just do not forget to bring them with you!

They are also convenient because you will not have to worry about endangering wildlife. To put things in perspective, single use plastics are responsible for killing over 100,000 marine animals a year.

Let us work together to preserve our oceans and our little creatures!

4. Walk Or Cycle To Work

In today’s time, it is arguable to say we have become reliant on cars to get us through our day-to-day lives. However, next time you are heading out for work and the sun is shining, opt to keep the car in the garage and give your legs a stretch. Especially for shorter journeys. Even just leaving the car in the garage twice a week can have a huge benefit for the environment!

Expensive gym membership every month? Take out your trusty cycle for a spin instead!

It is an effective way to familiarise yourself with your local community and help reduce carbon emissions into the environment. Not convinced? Additional benefits include staying fit, reducing congestion, protecting green areas and avoiding parking headaches.

5. Giving Back Through Volunteering

If you are looking for a more hands-on approach, wildlife and environmental agencies are always looking for volunteers and like-minded enthusiasts, to help spread awareness of ongoing events and campaigns to better the earth. This could involve activities such as an organised litter pick or fun ways of fundraising for some new animal enclosures and veterinary help so they have the best level of care possible.

Volunteering can be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone; it can also help you learn a lot!

Thank you for reading!

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