3 Fun Activities for the Easter Holidays

Welcome to that time of the year when supermarkets stack their shelves with rows of chocolate eggs and treats galore. Easter isn’t just about sweet treats. It’s also a great opportunity to switch off and treat the mind to a well-deserved-break. 

If you’re stuck on some ideas on what to do over the four-day weekend, here are some ideas!

Explore the great outdoors

Take some time away from the confines of being indoors  by rounding up your family or some friends on a day trip outside to enjoy some fresh air. Choose your favourite route and take a stroll through the beautiful scenery nature has to offer. Additionally, it is a great way for any little ones to get a bit of exercise and burn off some energy before they head home for an early bedtime. This way, you can enjoy your favourite series in the evening without interruption. (We won’t judge!)

If you can’t decide where to go, play a fun game where everyone writes down their favourite place or a place they would like to visit. They then throw it in a hat to be chosen at random. Those who live in the city or town can replace scenic routes with restaurants and leisure activities. 

Embrace your inner artist

The aim is to contain your laughter as you turn family and friends into a modern-day Picasso painting (Not by choice). All you need are some miniature canvases which are relatively inexpensive and available from any art store. They usually come in a set, but don’t forget to grab some paints!

Designed to keep you entertained for hours as you try to outshine that one friend in your group who has an art degree. It’s the perfect game to play together around the sofa, and what makes it even better is,  that you get to keep your masterpiece! The top prize is awarded to the most creative entry!




 Egg-citing fun!

Decorating eggs with vibrant patterns for Easter has been seen as a tradition since the 13th century. Little ones will have hours of fun  painting eggs into the shapes of their favourite animals and creating fun designs as they let their imaginations run wild.

Fun Tip: If your little one is a bit young and you’re wary of using craft paints, we have a solution! Creating safe edible paint can be as easy as mixing food colouring with white yoghurt on a tray.


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We hope you have an amazing Easter Holiday, from all of us at Gabor Shoes!


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