How To Wear Trainers To Work


When we think about dressing for work, trainers aren’t the obvious choice of footwear. But with many workplaces embracing a more casual approach, you’d be surprised at how easily trainers can fit into a smart-casual workwear wardrobe.

So how do you know if your trainers are appropriate for a professional environment? It’s all down to the style of trainers – while they were once reserved for sports and casual styling, women’s trainers have had a smart makeover in recent years, allowing you to reduce the style gap between your workwear and your footwear. 

If you’re considering taking the plunge and introducing trainers to your workwear rotation, make sure you read our guide to understand all of the essential workwear trainers do’s and don’ts.

What colour trainers can I wear to work?

If you’re considering wearing trainers for work, the colour and style of the trainers should be a key consideration. Not every workplace is the same and while some may be completely comfortable with staff expressing themselves through their clothing and footwear choices, others would prefer you to stay on the smart side of the smart-casual line.

Think about what kinds of shades and styles would complement key pieces of clothing from your workwear rotation. If you have a varied professional wardrobe, opt for neutral and muted trainers that will allow you to be adaptable for days at the desk as well as in the boardroom; trainers in plain white, black or navy are popular workwear favourites, but if you want to introduce more colour into your outfit, stick to pastels to ensure that your work trainers blend in with the outfit.

What style of trainers can I wear to work?

Trainers are no longer designed simply in an athletic style – the sportier-looking the trainers, the more difficult it will be to blend them into your workwear look. Instead, we recommend paying close attention to the material and shape of the trainers. Leather and suede look sophisticated enough to complement workwear while still remaining casual, and trainers designed with a chunky heel or a pointed toe are sure to help your trainers make the transition from sport to style staple.

How to style trainers for work

Dressing smart-casual can be a fine art. If you’re opting for trainers, they count as your casual, so make sure that you’re styling the rest of your look on the smarter end of the scale. We find that trainers pair best with structured clothing to strike the perfect balance between laid-back and professional.

It’s all about finding a balance. Split your outfit into key components and make sure that you’re achieving a balance between smart and casual. Your trainers are the casual element you know you want to include, so as you build your outfit you should aim to contrast this with smarter-looking pieces.

What to pair trainers with for work

The simplest styling option to pair trainers with for work is a dress. Paired with heels, a floral dress could look quite formal, but trainers will bring a more casual look to this workwear staple. 

If you prefer trousers to dresses, there are plenty of styling options to choose from – tapered trousers, cigarette trousers and dress trousers will all complement a pair of trainers perfectly. Even a smart pair of jeans could serve you well, but make sure that the jeans are within your workplace dress code and either in black or white – blue denim jeans often appear more casual and can tip the balance of your smart-casual outfit in the wrong direction.

Don’t forget to consider your top, too. If you’re wearing trainers and smart trousers, you can afford to wear a top that skews a little more casual, providing it still has a structured shape or formal style. 

If you’re headed to a meeting, also consider your choice of jacket. Keeping that balance in mind, if you’ve chosen a casual pair of trainers with smart trousers and a more casual top, complete the look with a smarter jacket. Or, if you’ve gone for smart trousers and a smart top, a loose-fitting cardigan can make sure that your trainers aren’t the only casual piece in your look. 

Work Trainers at Gabor

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