How To Wear Biker Boots: Style Guide

Biker boots have been a popular, reliable boot choice for decades and, in 2021, this is no different. Becoming a motorcyclist favourite in the 1940’s, the biker boot has evolved in the fashion world to be a go-to choice for a range of looks and for a range of women.

From Spring through to Winter, the biker boot can help women of any age or style preference step comfortably into the season. No longer just for the feet of motorcyclists, biker boots have become a crucial part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe. A stable, reliable footwear style that you can pair with just about anything, the biker boot silhouette is infamous in the fashion world, and now you can make sure you’re not left behind.

We’ve put together this style guide to help you figure out just how to style a brand new pair of Gabor Shoes biker boots to suit you and to have you stepping out confidently in them in no time.

How To Wear Biker Boots 

Perfect for a range of looks, biker boots can be styled with any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable everyday outfit or want to vamp up a dressy outfit – biker boots will do the trick. Ultimately, you should wear your biker boots with confidence and comfort, and we’ve got you covered.

Here’s some biker boot outfit inspiration to get you started, where we give you the perfect starting point to find your new favourite look.

Biker Boots With Jeans

The classic motorbike-rider look of jeans and biker boots is a perfect pairing. Create an effortless throw-on look by matching a pair of black or blue denim jeans with lace-up, leather biker boots. Skinny jeans work best to let your biker boots become the main focus of your outfit. Complete your look with a turtle neck jumper or a blazer jacket to create a stylish but comfortable look that works for a range of events.

Biker Boots With A Midi Dress

Whether it’s summer or winter, you can match your biker boots with a midi dress to create a comfortable, fashionable style that’s perfect for wherever you’re heading to. Make your outfit both fashionable and functional by finishing it off with a pair of suede biker boots that will help you strut with confidence. 

In the colder months, choose a pair of your favourite woolly tights to add with your look, and you will transform your outfit into an all-season option. Finish the look off with a chunky cardigan, and you’ve turned a summer midi dress into a biker-chic outfit that is ideal for the snow.

Biker Boots With Leggings

Even your comfy outfit choices can have you looking ready for anything when paired with a pair of stylish biker boots. Match the supple leather of the biker boot with a pair of cotton leggings and an oversized jumper or t-shirt and you’re ready for anything. The ultimate laid-back look that still has that bit of edge. 

If you’re feeling even edgier, opt for a pair of brightly coloured biker books like our red Halkirk Women’s Military Boots that will add a flair of colour to your outfit and show off your leggings look.

Can I Wear Biker Boots With A Leather Jacket?

The natural home of the leather biker boot is paired with a leather jacket and trousers ready for a motorbike ride but, does this work if you’re not getting ready to speed off into the night? 

Of course it does.

Pairing a leather jacket with biker boots is the look to go for. A go-to style for women of every age, biker chic will give you a step of confidence to face every event. Choose a pair of supple leather biker boots, especially a pair with stud decoration, and thick belt, and you’ve got the best outfit from head to toe. Feel good and look even better.

Are Biker Boots Suitable For Winter?

Yes! Biker boots are the perfect boot choice for winter. Not only are they fashionable but they’re also a really practical footwear choice for stepping out into the colder weather. High ankle support and good foot grip, biker style boots resemble that pair of worn-in walking boots you have but are a bit more fashion-friendly. 

Biker boots were made to keep your feet stable and safe – making them the perfect winter boot choice!

Pair biker boots with a big coat, a good pair of jeans and lots of chunky knitwear to style them perfectly for the winter. Finish the look with some thick winter socks, and you’ll be more than ready to step out into the snow and look good doing it.

How Should Biker Boots Fit?

Although you may not be planning on wearing your biker boots to ride off on your motorbike, it’s just as important that they fit correctly to ensure a comfortable step whenever you wear them.

Your biker boots should fit just right; snug to your foot with a bit of breathing room for those thicker socks in the colder weather. The main focus is to make sure they’re comfortable. Your foot should not be able to move inside your biker boot, and when fastened, it should fit right not too tightly and without too much give. 

Style A Pair Of Our Luxury Biker Boots

Our top-quality biker boots here at Gabor Shoes are the perfect day-to-night shoe option that will give any outfit a more edgy look. From casual jeans to an event-worth midi dress, our style guide should’ve helped you put together some outfit that will have you confidently stepping out in the high-rise biker silhouettes that everyone knows and loves.

Find the perfect pair of biker boots waiting for you in our collection. Whether you prefer supple leathers, smooth suede, lace-ups or zip –we truly have it all in our luxurious selection here at Gabor Shoes.