How To Wear Sandals: A Style Guide

Sandals are the perfect shoe choice for those warm, end-of-summer days as Autumn fast approaches; providing a comfortable sole to rest your feet on and letting them feel the airy breeze for longer on those final elongated light nights that we have left. Our extensive range of sandals at Gabor Shoes will supply your seasonally transitional outfits with a lasting hint of summer, letting your feet breathe in the high humidity whilst keeping you looking fashionable with every outfit. Get the best out of the warmer days and keep a hold of summer by matching any of our sandals with your favourite outfits. 

We’ve put a little guide together to answer all those FAQs about sandals that might usually stop you from reaching for them and, instead, will have you choosing your favourite sandals with every outfit!

Can You Wear Sandals All Year Round?

When you think of sandals, you probably think of summer – but we know how unpredictable summer weather can be. Even as we approach the autumn months, there are still many days where you’ll find yourself reaching for your favourite pair of sandals – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Sandals can be the perfect go-to pair of shoes any time of the year you choose, and with any of our sandals at Gabor Shoes, you no longer have to compromise looking fabulous for feeling comfortable, as each pair provides both. 

If you’re not too sure what clothing to match your sandals with then here are a few suggestions.

How To Wear Sandals With Different Clothing


Match any of our wedge sandals with your favourite pair of jeans to create the ideal day-to-night outfit. Whether your staple denim is blue or black, Mom or skinny, create a timeless outfit by matching them with a white button shirt or t-shirt and topping the outfit off with a pair of our wedge sandals. Transition from season to season by matching neutral wedges, like our Porter Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals, with denim and find yourself prepared for every task the day throws at you. 


Pairing sandals with your favourite dress will create a classic outfit that will never go out of style. On those warmer days, you can easily match a pair of our toe post sandals with a relaxed, a-line or skater dress or even a longer midi dress and you’ll create an effortless look that is perfect for the day’s activities. Easily put together a stress-free outfit that will have you stepping with confidence all day; let your feet breathe as they are supported in each step by Gabor Shoes’ ‘best-fitting technology’ that will ensure optimum comfort all day long. 


At Gabor Shoes, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort to look and feel good, and this goes even for our range of heeled sandals. Pair your favourite pair of leggings; whether they’re plain black, pattern printed or stylishly leather-look, with a pair of heeled sandals and you’ll create the most incredibly comfortable outfit that you can step into any event wearing. Look amazing and be ready for anything when you’re comfortable from head to toe – there’s no fashion faux pas when you look this good!

How To Wear Sandals in a Formal Setting

If you’ve got that event coming up; whether it’s a wedding or a business meeting, then you might be wondering if you can get away with styling your outfit with a pair of sandals. Busy offices, crowded public transport and important meetings can require a bit more breathing space – and what better way to get it than to free your feet with a pair of sandals. 

Formal settings require a more toned-down, basic style of sandal that won’t look out of place. Special occasions could easily be attended in a tailored pant-suit with a pair of simple, heeled sandals like our Zeus Ladies Sling Back Sandals, that will work well whether it’s for a work event or a social gathering. This look will ooze sophistication that will have people envying your ability to achieve formality and comfort in just one look.

Can You Wear Socks With Sandals?

If you had asked this question a few years ago, it would’ve been answered with a very strict no. However, as time has gone on, the fashion world has taken comfort into its stride and matching a pair of socks with sandals has become a bold fashion move that is perceived much more positively. Matching your socks and sandals now makes your outfit contemporary and in-style. 

Pop on a pair of sheer, decorated socks with a simple pair of sandals like our Bryce Flower Trim Sandals and you’ll create an all-season match of sandals and socks that you can wear with a range of outfits. If you want to make a bit more of a bold, statement choice, then opt for a pair of frilly socks and match them with the perfect pair of sandals like our Golding Ladies Sandals, letting the frill complement the shoe and complete your fashionable get up in a bold, stylish way. 

How Should Sandals Fit? 

As with any shoe, your sandals should support your feet and provide them with a stable, comfortable sole that feels good with every step. No part of your feet or toes should be hanging over the edges of the sandal, as this means they’re probably too small and will cause you a lot of problems. 

On the whole, your sandals should feel just right, shouldn’t move around much as you walk and, if fitted properly, should feel like they are supporting your full body as you walk. Stop yourself from locking those sandals away at the back of the wardrobe and follow our tips to extend their lifespan and style them for all-seasons. With the ability to match our Gabor sandals with a variety of styles, there’s no excuse for you to refrain from pulling them out the closet for a transitional summer to autumn look that everyone will be envying! Keep your outfit comfortable and keep your feet cool, without compromising on looking good!