What Shoes To Wear With a Jumpsuit [Colour & Style Tips]

Jumpsuits are a go-to, all round style; whether you’re dressing up, dressing down, styling for comfort, or making a fashion statement, the jumpsuit does it all. As a year round staple, the jumpsuit is definitely something you should have in your wardrobe, however, if you’re put off and confused on what shoes to pair with them, then you’re in the right place! At Gabor, we want to show you how versatile the jumpsuit is by demonstrating all the event-ready outfits you can create, simply by changing up your shoe choice and accessorising smartly.

Suitable Shoes To Wear With a Jumpsuit

When to wear flat shoes with a jumpsuit

Casual jumpsuits call for casual footwear. If you’re choosing to slip yourself into one of those loose, airy jumpsuits that we all love so much; perfect for the hot weather, nipping to the shops, or even a relaxed weekend, then flat shoes are your go-to. When wearing baggy clothes keeping your accessories simple is key to avoid your outfit becoming too busy. Pairing a jumpsuit you can quickly throw on with a pair of easy slip on flat shoes will make the perfect outfit for any chilled weekend. A pair like our Ruffle Ladies Punched Detail Casual Shoes, which comes in a range of colours, will be ideal to throw on whenever you’re rushing out the door.

Trainers with a jumpsuit?

Prepare your all-in-one style for any adventure by matching it with a pair of trainers. It can be fun to play about with colour matching with your jumpsuits, by pairing with coloured trainers like our Gabor Quaint Women’s Suede Platform Trainers you can make your style into a more statement piece. Trainers are also perfect to match with those loungewear jumpsuits that we all keep reaching for in our wardrobe at the minute; make slouchy into stylish by adding a pair of bold coloured trainers.

Sporting sandals with your summer jumpsuits

Sandals, either flat like our Moben Ladies Sandals, or with a chunky heel like our Cheri Ladies Sandals, will bring any nice, fitted jumpsuit to life. Perfect for that summer holiday you have in the books, or even that (hopefully) glorious staycation, the sandal and jumpsuit pairing is one you won’t want to leave behind wherever you’re visiting this year. 

Styling wedges with your jumpsuit

Wedged shoes give you a bit of height whilst still keeping things casual, making them the perfect match for the wide leg jumpsuit. The height from the wedge gives your leg enough height to not get lost within the excess material of the jumpsuit and keep you rocking that style like a pro. For the summer months a pair of wedge sandals can be a perfect choice, and the neutral colours of our Keira Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals will make the ideal match for your summer outfit. 

Can you wear heels with a jumpsuit?

Short answer, yes you most definitely can wear heels with a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits don’t always have to be casual – the beauty of the jumpsuit is that there’s a style to match whatever occasion you choose. Heels are perfect to pair with dressy jumpsuits, the kind that have those draping tops and cuffed legs, or even the pantsuit jumpsuit which resembles the power suit. Paired with either strappy heels like our Callow Ladies Cross Strap Shoes, or the classic court shoe heel like our Splendid High Heel Court Shoes, you can add a flair of sophistication to your jumpsuit and be ready to make some power moves. 

Even Boots

You might be starting to get those boots packed away for the warmer months but it would be an injustice if we didn’t speak about what a great outfit boots and a jumpsuit can make. Pairing a stylish jumpsuit, be it denim, corduroy, or flowy cotton, with a great pair of statement ankle boots, like our Gabor Robina snakeskin effect boots, can get you looking like you just strutted out of a fashion magazine. 

What Shoes Should You Avoid Wearing With A Jumpsuit?

At Gabor, we don’t think there’s anything you shouldn’t wear if it makes you feel comfortable and confident, but there are some fashion don’ts that you might need to consider. With a jumpsuit, it’s advised to think about the gap between whatever shoes you’re wearing and the hemline of your jumpsuit’s trousers. When pairing with flat shoes/sandals/trainers, this isn’t really an issue, but thinking about boots, it could be. 

If you choose a pair of boots to pair with your jumpsuit, make sure you don’t have a small gap between your boot and the cuffed hem, this small flash of skin can look a bit out of place and ruin the flow from your jumpsuit into your footwear.

Shoes can always make an outfit better and, as you can see, that’s no different for the jumpsuit. With what seems like an infinite amount of combinations you can achieve any look you’re aiming for with your chosen all-in-one and the perfect pair of shoes. Browse our full women’s shoes range and find your perfect pair today.