What Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress [Colour & Style Tips]


You’ve found the perfect red dress and you can’t wait to take it for a spin, but now comes the tricky part: what shoes do you wear with it? Red can be a tricky colour to pair shoes with, posing so many questions. What colour should I go for? Do I go lighter? Do I go darker? HELP!

No need to fret; we’ve got the answers for you. Here are all the best tips for choosing the best shoes to go with a red dress, which should help you complete your perfect red dress outfit for that special occasion. 

What Colour Shoes Should I Wear With a Red Dress?

Colour is the biggest factor to consider when pairing up the perfect shoes with your red dress, so we’ll start with this. The first (and most important) point to remember here is that it doesn’t matter what shade of red your dress is; the same shoe colours will still work with it whether the dress is a burgundy red, pillar-box red or a pinkish-red. 

That’s a somewhat liberating thought, isn’t it?

So with this in mind, there are a few failsafe shoe colours that will pair beautifully with a red dress, and they are:

Nude & Beige Shoes

These wonderfully-neutral shades make the perfect colour shoes to wear with a red dress, because the low-key, pale hues ensure that the red dress really stands out as the star of the outfit. We would advise staying on the beige and skin-tone end of the nude/beige colour spectrum when pairing these colours with a red dress, as the shades of nude with blush tones can sometimes look a little too much on the ‘pink’ side to match well with the red. Pink and red is a pairing that is, for the most part, a no-go, but if you find a subtle blush nude that you think works, go for it! 

What about style?

You’re best aiming for barely-there sandals, court shoes or platform heels when pairing nude and beige with a red dress, as you want the dress to be the main event rather than the shoes. You can also make beige or nude flat sandals work with a red dress, particularly if its a more casual, maxi-style dress. 

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Black Shoes

What do you know, it really is true that black shoes go with any outfit colour. Indeed, black makes a failsafe match when looking for shoes to wear with red dresses, particularly if your dress is all one solid shade of red. A pair of black shoes or black boots will create a striking colour block effect, giving your look extra impact.

What about style?

This depends on what sort of look you’re going for. If you’re going for a glam look, try wearing a red mini or midi dress with strappy black heeled sandals for a very feminine, sophisticated pairing. Alternatively, you can pair chunky, black heeled boots with an equally chunky red jumper dress or jersey maxi dress for a more laidback look.  

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Silver Shoes

Red works beautifully with metallics, and silver is one of those most easy-to-wear metallics that everybody loves. Silver and red complement each other best when you coordinate more than one element of silver to balance out the look, so try matching your silver shoes with a silver clutch and silver jewellery in the same shade to complete the outfit. Odds are, you already have a pair of silver shoes in your wardrobe, as this classic metallic shoe staple works alongside practically any other colour.

What about style?

More or less anything goes when it comes to silver shoes with red dresses. The barely-there, strappy silver stiletto sandal works perfectly if you’re going for a glam look with a red evening dress, or you can team up a pair of metallic silver trainers or plimsolls with a flowing, red maxi dress or a short skater dress for a casual, sports-luxe feel.

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White Shoes

If you love creating contrasting looks but you feel black might be too heavy for the season or the occasion, a white sandal or boot is the perfect shoe to wear with a red dress. A white shoe will act as a lightener for the outfit, helping to tone down the vibrancy of the red if this is your wish. Perfect for creating a bold spring or summer look, white shoes are the ultimate safe option for any red dress pairing.

What about style?

One of our favourite white shoes and red dress combinations is a casual, short red day dress with bright white trainers, which together create a stunning blend of sporty and glamorous styles. For a more dressed-up look, try a pair of white strappy heeled sandals with a flowy red midi dress for your next summer cocktail party or posh evening meal.

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And … What About Red Shoes?

Yes, it can be done! It divides opinions in the fashion world for sure, but it’s all a matter of confidence. This pairing can work wonderfully well if you’re dressing for a glamorous, black-tie event or similar, and the more simple and plain the shoe, the better. With this in mind, opt for a plain red court shoe or barely-there strappy stiletto sandal, and make sure it’s the same shade of red as your dress (or as close as you can get it!). 

If you’re looking to create a more casual look with your red-on-red combo, we would advise you go for a darker shade than your dress – a deep burgundy or wine shade of shoes or chunky boots, for example, which will create more of a ‘complementary’ look as opposed to a matchy-matchy look. 

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Now you’re all clued up, we have hopefully solved your dilemma of what shoes to wear with your red dress. Have we missed any colours? Let us know in the comments below!