5 New August Bank Holiday Breaks to Try in 2018

Somehow we’ve reached the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas (how did this happen?), so the Gabor team has been busy. We’ve been seeking out the best August bank holiday breaks to help inspire you, so you can make the most of this last lovely long weekend in 2018.

We’ve looked at everything from staycations to vacations for both families and couples, with a few surprise destinations in store. So take a look through our top 5 August bank holiday breaks and see if any of our quick trips tickle your fancy:

For Families


Flight time: Two hours and 15 minutes + one hour transfer

Time zone: One hour ahead of UK

Average August temperatures: 21° – 30°C

You’ll no doubt have already heard the buzz about Croatia, but Montenegro is fast overtaking as the new jewel of the Adriatic. With its stunning old towns carved from ancient stone, Montenegro is truly beautiful to behold and is also a surprisingly family-friendly destination. You’ll find plenty of child-friendly beaches, particularly in central Petrovac town where the calm, crystal clear water is perfect for paddling. And if you fancy something a little quieter, a short 15-minute drive down the coast will take you to the much less busy pebble beach at Lučice, which even has its own kids’ water slide. The coast of Montenegro is also dotted with ice cream parlours, family hotels, restaurants and historical tours, while it’s relatively short distance from the UK and its general all-ages vibe makes this unsung destination the perfect August bank holiday break for the family.

Meck-Pomm, Germany

Flight time: One hour and 45 mins to Hamburg + 2-hour drive

Time zone: One hour ahead of UK

Average August temperatures: 21° – 23°C

hen you see that beach, do you think of Germany? No? Well that is in fact the beach of Rügen Island in Germany’s Meck-Pomm state, more formally known as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Regarded by some as Germany’s answer to Norfolk, Meck-Pomm is the ideal home-away-from-home destination for the August Bank Holiday. If you want a family beach holiday away from the crowds and searing heat of traditional Mediterranean destinations, this northern German jewel is your saviour. You’ll find all sorts of activities and locations to keep both adults and kids enthralled all weekend, from coastal cycle paths and secluded beach coves to kayaking, tree-top assault courses, world heritage sites and stunning castles that appear to have come straight out of a fairytale. There are no direct flights to Meck-Pomm from the UK, but a short flight to neighbouring Hamburg and a rental car will get you there in just over 4 hours.

Bristol, England

Time zone: Well, you know this one

Average August temperatures: 14°- 21°C

This incredible staycation city made it into the top three on the Great British Staycation Index for 2018. Rated on everything from average temperature and choice of restaurants to the number of attractions and the price of a pint, Bristol scores highly across the board. Perfect for both families and couples alike, this beautiful river city has everything you could ever need for a long weekend away. The picturesque riverside scenes and colourful architecture could almost fool you into thinking you’re in mainland Europe, while the gigantic list of things to do will ensure your August bank holiday break is jam-packed with activity. From hot air balloon rides, sculptures and zoos to fascinating museums, stunning gardens and sightseeing at the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol offers far more than your average staycation city.

For Couples

Marseille, France

Travel time: 6 Hours by train

Time zone: One hour ahead of UK

Average August temperatures: 19°- 29°C

Looking for a romantic Bank Holiday getaway without the flight? It might just interest you to know that Eurostar offers non-stop train services to Marseille. Forget Paris; Marseille is the real city of love rightnow, with its Quel Amour festival running all the way up to the 2nd of September. This makes the August Bank Holiday weekend the perfect opportunity to catch the last few days of the festival and explore the amazing attractions on offer. This historic port city is packed with art installations, music, culture and mountains of fresh seafood, perfect for spending some quality time with your better half before the summer finally comes to an end.

La Gomera, Canary Islands

Flight time: Four hours and 30 minutes

Time zone: Same as the UK

Average August temperatures: 16°- 22°C

We all know and love the Canary Islands, but have you heard of La Gomera? We didn’t think you would have. This lesser-known, hidden Canary is brimming with unspoiled beaches, quiet hotels and quaint restaurants, perfect for couples looking to get away from it all for the long weekend. You can explore the island’s dramatic volcanic landscapes, forest trails and historic mountain villages during the day and enjoy ocean sunset dinners during the evenings, all without the usual tourist crowds of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. And there’s an added bonus; La Gomera is in the same time zone as the UK, so you can get back ready for the start of the working week without losing any precious hours.

Inspired? August Bank Holiday breaks are the perfect way to see off the summer with lasting memories and recharge your batteries before the long push to Christmas, so get it booked and go enjoy yourselves.