Pearl Power: How to Wear Pearls For Spring

Girls and pearls. Together they have patrolled spring runways for many a year and, now that spring is once again on the horizon, it’s high time we re-introduced them to our wardrobes. We’re here to share some pearls of wisdom on how to wear these understated stones this season, and it goes far beyond just jewellery.

This season we’re spotting pearls everywhere, from statement earrings and necklaces to clothing shoulder straps, jumpers and, of course, on shoes. Not sure how to wear pearls? Here are a few tips to help you introduce some of this gorgeous glimmer into your wardrobe this season:


Let’s Start With Where to Wear Pearls

Pearls are much more versatile than you might think, and can be worn almost anywhere if you know how. Here’s a few tips to start you off:

Pearls At The Office

If your office dress code is smart and formal, a few well-placed pearls would definitely not go amiss. A single-strand necklace of small pearls works perfectly with a tailored blazer and a simple, buttoned shirt, and adds a subtle elegance to your look. Don’t go too glitzy or big with the pearls here, though – save that for later.

Pearls for Everyday

No, pearls aren’t too much for your day to day adventures so long as you style them right. The pearl pendant necklace is a wonderfully modern twist on traditional pearls, and will add a glamorous yet casual effect to your outfit. Wear with a leather jacket, jeans and a sparkly pair of sport luxe trainers for the perfect pearly ensemble.



Pearls for the Evening

We’ve all seen Audrey Hepburn in that iconic Breakfast At Tiffany’s black dress and pearl necklace, and we’re all agreed that it was fabulous. Pearls and little black dresses go hand in hand, and multi-strand pearl necklaces add just the right amount of glamour to any evening gown. If you’re wearing an embellished dress, dial down the pearls to a single strand necklace.

How to Wear Pearl Fashion

If you’re really not feeling the pearl jewellery vibe, then pearl fashion accessories are the perfect alternatives. Here’s a few of the best alternative ways to wear pearls:

Pearl Jumpers


Modern, glamorous and the ultimate trans-seasonal piece, the pearl-embellished sweater is a fabulous way to wear pearls without the jewellery. Pearl jumpers can be subtle and sophisticated or used as more of a fabulous statement piece, depending on the design, so you can find the style that best suits you. Whichever you go for, you can guarantee the pearls will catch a few eyes and attract more than a few compliments. Wear them with jeans and ankle boots for the perfect glam daytime look, or layer them over party outfits for an elegant yet cosy evening.

Pearl Collars


Pearl-embellished collars are where it’s at if you want to dial up the elegance for your formal outfits. From tiny, subtle detailing to full beaded collars, this style has lots of looks and they’re all stunning. Shirts and blouses with beaded collars look fabulous paired with a slimline blazer and smart trousers for the office, but can also just as easily be paired with jeans and heels for a smart casual evening look.

Pearl Buttons


Perhaps the most subtle nod to the pearl is the button down. These shimmering little stones make lovely buttons for cardigans, blouses, blazers and shirts, and add sophistication and glamour to even the simplest of styles. Pearl buttons work with practically any colour, but they stand out the best against a black garment for a truly elegant look.

Pearl Shoes

And at last we come to the finishing touch to any outfit, the shoe. And not just any shoes; pearl shoes. Pearls and beads have the uncanny ability to transform a simple shoe into something entirely more sophisticated and beautiful, and it can work for almost any style from trainers and flip flops right through to court shoes and boots.

At Gabor we’re going mad for pearly looks this season, so we’ve been creating a shimmering collection of styles featuring this fabulous embellishment. In our line-up above you’ll see five of our favourite pearly styles we’d love you to try.

At number 1 is one of our newest arrivals this season, the Gabor Inspect Dress Court Shoes, crafted from shimmering pearlescent metallic leather, adorned with 3D floral trim and finished off with subtle pearly beading; perfect for impressing at weddings, parties and BBQs.  

At number 2 we have a super casual style that’s been wonderfully enhanced by yet more pearly embellishments and metallic leather. The Gabor Preston Casual Sandals are laid back enough for day to day comfort and pretty enough for creating a smarter look during the summer months.

At number 3 is the perfect evening shoe and one of our all-time favourites, the Gabor Guide Dress Shoe. The 5cm block heel is high enough to add elegance and glamour, but low enough to keep your feet wonderfully comfortable. But it’s the pearly beads and rhinestones over the toe that really make this shoe. Perfect for pairing with your favourite evening gowns, the Guide dress shoes will add sparkle and shimmer to your look.

At number 4 we have another stunning flat shoe, the Gabor Electra Ballet Pumps. Easy to slip on and off whenever you like, these classic pumps are super comfortable with a cushioned sole and soft cotton lining. The toe is encrusted with gorgeous gold studs and shimmering pearls, which totally steal the show and add bags of glamour to this already lovely shoe. Wear with blue jeans for a casual look or pair with summer day dresses for a more dressed up look.

And finally at number 5 we have one more lovely heeled style, the Gabor Kinloch Dress Court Shoes. These are a great way to introduce pearls into your office outfits, with that modest block heel and elegant black suede working perfectly with smart trousers and skirts. The pearly beading and subtle rhinestone detailing on the toe band lift the style just enough for a glamourous-yet-understated effect.

Now you know how to wear pearls, you’ll start sneaking them in to more and more of your daytime and evening looks. How could you resist?